Mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s Canada produces sneakers from food waste

Mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s Canada draws attention to food waste with its limited edition ‘1352: Refreshed Shoes’, produced using food waste such as corn, mushrooms, apples and grapes, in collaboration with the Italian-based sustainable fashion brand ID.Eight.

Canadian Mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s Canada and sustainable fashion brand ID.Eight signed an ambitious collaboration and the result was ‘1352: Refreshed Shoes’, which draws attention to food waste.

‘1352: Refreshed Shoes’; It was made using food waste such as corn, mushrooms, apples and grapes. Hellmann’s Canada challenges Canadians to rethink food consumption with this shoe. The shoe’s name evokes the monetary value of C$1,352 that the average Canadian family wastes on food each year.

Harsh Pant, senior brand manager for Hellmann’s Canada, said in a statement: “Hellmann’s has a long history of taking necessary steps to address, raise awareness and reduce food waste. With 1352: Refreshed Shoes, we created a visual representation of Canadians’ food waste; “We aimed to spark conversation and encourage consumers to take small steps to reduce the CAD$1,352 in food wasted each year.”

Canadians can enter the contest to win a pair of ‘1352: Refreshed Shoes’ on the brand’s website. For every entry, Hellmann’s Canada will support their mission of saving food and reducing waste by donating the equivalent of 10 meals to long-time philanthropic partner Second Harvest.


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