Scientists Explained! What Are the 5 Features That Make a Person Sexy and Attractive?

According to science, the characteristics that make a person sexy vary widely. Moreover, in addition to genetic factors, geography is also a determining factor.

You may have seen before that some international magazines choose the sexiest woman or man in the world. For example, American actor Patrick Dempsey was recently chosen as the “sexiest man alive” by the US-based weekly magazine People. Jude Law, Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Paul Rudd and Chris Evans are some of the names that were deemed worthy of this title in previous years. However, these elections bring with them many controversies. Because there is no clear consensus on who the sexiest men and women are. Still, according to scientists, there are some common things that make someone think they’re sexy. So, what are the characteristics that make a person sexy?

1. Symmetrical, masculine or feminine facial features

Science has long stated that people with symmetrical facial features are considered sexier. Because symmetrical faces represent a healthier body. For this reason, our subconscious makes us think that people with symmetrical facial features are more suitable to carry our genes. This causes us to find those people more sexy and attractive. However, according to studies conducted in recent years, the features that make a person sexy are not limited to symmetrical facial features.

Science states that non-symmetrical faces can also be found sexy and attractive. For example, according to a study conducted at Oakland University in 2017, heterosexual men find more feminine facial features in women sexy. Heterosexual women, on the other hand, like masculine-looking facial features. Related research indicates that “symmetry” has no effect on the perception of attractiveness.

2. A talent for humor

According to some scientific research, the ability to humor is at the top of the list of characteristics that make a person sexy. Participants in a study conducted in 2017 stated that those who perceived a funny person were seen as more attractive. People who were thought to be unfunny were found to be less sexy.

3. Genetic factors

According to some experts, the genes in your immune system play a big role in how attractive you look. Because these genes have a significant effect on body odor. According to science, we think that the person we think smells nice is more likely to be biologically compatible with us.

4. Playing the difficult person

Yes, according to scientists, “taking things slow” can make you sexier than you already are! In a study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Social and Personal Relationships in 2020, playing the difficult person is shown among the factors that increase a person’s attractiveness. According to the relevant study, the more enthusiastic side is in danger of losing its appeal.

But according to experts, taking things slow and playing the difficult person doesn’t mean appearing uninterested or arrogant. Experts say that the concept of “playing a difficult person” is among the characteristics that make a person sexy; It is defined as sharing things about oneself more slowly in order to create expectations on the other side.

5. Geography

Many people may think that attractiveness is only about character or physical characteristics. However, according to scientists, the geography you live in is also a factor that can determine whether you will be considered sexy or not.

In a 2015 survey of 10 thousand men and women around the world, it was determined that character traits such as compassion, courage, individuality and honesty were found to be extremely attractive. On the other hand, it was also determined which character traits are considered sexy in which geographies. For example, Europeans find compassionate people the most sexy. In Asia, spirituality is an important element of attraction. For Australians, courage, for North Americans, ambition is high on the list of traits that make a person sexy.

In other words, a person who is known to be compassionate around him may not be considered attractive in America, but may become one of the sexiest people in France or Italy, for example! In short, according to science, the geography and society you live in is one of the factors that determine whether you will be considered sexy or not.

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