How to behave on a first date?

We are all looking for the right person. The first meeting is the first step of a long and beautiful relationship, but each of us has different expectations. So how should we behave? OkCupid, which has millions of members worldwide, reveals how men and women behave on the first date with four questions it asks within the application.

“Do you Google someone new before meeting them?” 64 percent of women answer yes to the question. For men, this rate is 46 percent. According to the results, women like to stalk, while men think that knowledge is power. Men, on the other hand, are more on the side of ‘I don’t want to miss the mystery of the matter’. The rate of women who want to leave things alone and enjoy the surprise is 35 percent.

Paying bills sometimes becomes a difficult problem that needs to be solved, even among friends. During a romantic date, this situation becomes even more complicated. Judging by the data, the cliché “men pay the bill” has long since become a thing of the past. 42 percent of Turks want to split the bill. The rate of those who do not care about this situation is 35 percent. According to the distribution of men and women, Turkish women are one step ahead of men in this regard. While 57 percent of women think that the bill should be split, 33 percent do not care who pays. Only 35 percent of men are in favor of splitting the bill, while 26 percent say the man should definitely pay the bill.


Men and women who can think differently on many issues unite on this issue. 95% of Turks think that the first date should definitely be private. Men and women seem to agree that the best way to get to know someone is on a private date, away from distracting friends. The rate of those who say ‘Let’s meet as a group, there will be no pressure on us’ is almost non-existent (4 percent).

It is not known whether being talkative is innate or acquired, but it is very important for women not to be silent on the first date. According to data, a quiet woman has more chances than a quiet man. 73% of women say, ‘Would you date a quiet guy?’ They answer the question ‘No’. For more than half of men (55%), being silent is not a problem on the first date.

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