A woman whose glass door broke and fell on her in the USA won compensation of $35 million

In the USA, a woman named Meghan Brown suffered a head injury when she fell under the broken glass door of a building in New York’s Manhattan district 10 years ago. Brown, who sued the building management, was entitled to compensation of $ 35 million.

In 2015, Brown was leaving a physical therapy appointment when a glass door broke and fell on his head as he exited the building. Brown went to court, stating that he experienced a decline in his career after the injury and that he was fired from his job.
Brown told the jury he didn’t remember the moment, but he did remember falling to the ground and suddenly people around him were helping him. Brown, who moved to Naples, Florida, after the incident and now runs a small ice cream shop, stated that he consulted many experts to alleviate the problems he was experiencing.

The court concluded the lawsuit filed by Brown 10 years later. It was decided to pay compensation of $35 million to Brown, who suffered brain damage.

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