Which collagen is good for what, how should collagen be used?

Collagen synthesis in the body decreases by approximately 1 percent every year starting from the mid-20s due to aging, smoking and alcohol, lack of oxygen in the body, nutritional deficiencies, sun exposure and other external factors. This shows that by the age of 50, we lose approximately half of the collagen in the body. As a result of collagen loss, the skin loses its elasticity, shine and softness, becomes dull, wrinkles and brown spots and other color changes occur. Those who want to fight these also resort to collagen support. But many people ask, ‘Should I use fish collagen or bovine collagen?’ He gets stuck on the question. Esra Sayın; He wrote about the difference between fish and bovine collagen and what they are good for.

As collagen synthesis decreases due to aging and other reasons, connective tissues and cartilages lose their flexibility and various diseases, especially osteoporosis, occur.

Getting collagen support is of great importance for health. Collagen is a high molecular weight protein and is abundant in the inedible parts of animals (such as skin and cartilage). The quality of purification and processing technology determines the benefits of collagen. Even if the source of collagen produced under good conditions is the same, there are differences in their effectiveness. The most preferred types of collagen are fish collagen and bovine collagen… Although these two collagen substances are important for our body health, they both have functional differences. Here are the features of these two collagen sources…

bovine collagen
Bovine collagen, produced from animal bone and cartilage, is also used for bone and cartilage healing. It contains Type 1 and Type 3 collagen. Therefore, bovine collagen contains the types that our body produces most. In bovine collagen, it is also very important which animal originates the product. Being fed in clean and healthy conditions; It is important in the effect of collagen on the body. Beef and cow meat, chicken, deer, goat and ox meat; There is plenty of collagen, especially in the bones, skin and offal area of ​​the animal.

fish collagen
Fish collagen is at the top of the list because it is the most used collagen. Fish collagen obtained from sea creatures compensates for the skin’s collagen deficiency in a short time thanks to its easy absorption. It starts the repair process immediately by providing faster skin absorption than bovine collagen. It shows its effect in a short time. However, there is one point that should be taken into consideration when using fish collagen: The fish from which the collagen is obtained must be free of heavy metals. The head, pupils and scales of the fish, which are not consumed much, are the parts with the highest collagen content.

What you need to know about collagen…
The body performs more self-repair and renewal processes during night sleep. Therefore, it is more beneficial to use collagen before going to bed at night.
The amount of collagen in our body decreases at an increasing rate after the age of 25. In this regard, it can be said that the amount of collagen that needs to be taken is directly proportional to age. The recommended dose can vary between 2,500 mg and 10,000 mg, with at least 2,500 mg per day to be beneficial.
Each type of collagen has its own unique benefit. While Type 1 and Type 3 collagen are needed to support skin, bone, tendon, teeth, muscle and vascular structure, Type 2 collagen is the right choice for joint health.
Without vitamin C, our body cannot produce collagen. Therefore, vitamin C should be used together with collagen.
Whether collagen supplements are in liquid or powder form is not related to the amount of collagen peptides they contain. Both forms may contain low or high amounts of collagen peptide that the body can use.
The effects of collagen supplements begin to appear in the fourth week. For optimum benefit, it is necessary to use it for at least 8-12 weeks. After three months of use, it can be used as cures twice a year, taking a three-month break.

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