What are the makeup trends of this season?

This season’s make-up trends are brown lip liner, bright blush and ‘make-up that doesn’t look like make-up’.

We met with NARS Cosmetics Makeup Trainer and Art Director Charly Barbier in Istanbul, where she came to give training, and heard from her about the new season’s make-up trends. Barbier said that the biggest trend this fall and winter is ‘makeup that doesn’t look like makeup’ and added: Another trend is slightly shiny cheeks. It is also very popular to contour the lips in brown, cherry and caramel tones.

What are the makeup trends of this season?
I think the biggest trend of this season is ‘make-up no make-up’ and the new ‘make-up that doesn’t look like make-up’. In fact, this trend is quite difficult to implement because you will wear make-up but it will look like you don’t. In this trend, you only lightly touch certain parts of your face; A little blush, a little mascara, a light lip liner, maybe a little eyeliner, that’s all. The important thing here is to use quality materials. Really high quality ingredients make you look like you don’t have any makeup on. Another trend is slightly shiny cheeks. Until recently, bronzers were mainly used instead of blushes, but now blushes are back; Blushes with a slightly shiny and silky texture. This type of blush makes the cheeks look healthy. Another trend is to apply brown-toned lip liner to the lips. Cherry and caramel colors are also very popular for lip contours. So we can say that there is a return to 90s fashion here. I think we will see this trend a lot this season. Of course, we cannot ignore the influence of Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner in all these trends. As a makeup artist, the name whose photos are shown to me the most is Hailey Bieber; They always say, “Make me like her,” “I want her make-up.”

So, do you have any advice for UK women about make-up?
All I can say is; It might be ‘less is more’. I can recommend them to use less and quality products. Quality product is very important, especially in skin make-up. If you use the right quality product for your skin, you can look very good even if you only apply mascara to your eyelashes.

Let’s say you are in a place where there are women from many countries; Can you tell who is from which country by looking at their makeup?
Yes, I understand. For example, Middle Eastern women love heavy make-up, false eyelashes and contouring. Women of countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and France prefer natural make-up; a moisturizer, a mascara, a very light lip gloss, that’s all… Spanish and Italian women wear colorful make-up; red, orange, pink lips, colorful eye shadows… I also recognize British women immediately, they love sophisticated make-up; false eyelashes, bronzers and lip glosses…

How did your journey with NARS begin?
I started working as an instructor at NARS seven years ago. Three years later, I started training make-up experts in countries such as Portugal, Greece, Sweden and Denmark. At that time, I was working as a trainer not only for NARS, but also for Laura Mercier, one of the brands of the Shiseido group. Then I took a two-year break from NARS. I also worked as a global make-up instructor for Dolce&Gabbana in the Shiseido group. I came back to NARS two years later, I missed it so much anyway. I currently work as a makeup instructor and art director at NARS, responsible for Europe, England, the Middle East and African countries. I am responsible for the brand’s image, training all trainers in these regions, producing content for the brand, and organizing seminars for our make-up artists.

How did you achieve this success at such a young age?
I’m not that young, I’m 35 years old. I think the biggest secret is that I don’t turn down opportunities when they come. I am also passionate about both make-up and the brand I work with. I think when you are passionate about what you do, you achieve success. I am ambitious, I love the world of make-up very much, I follow our competitors and the world of cosmetics very closely.

How did your love for makeup begin?
She started at a very young age by buying Vogue magazine to see the makeup photos on its pages. Make-up was just a passion for me at first, I didn’t see myself in that world at all. Then I realized that the world gets a lot easier when you turn your passion into your work. Then I started working in the beauty industry. Also, my zodiac sign is Libra. Libra is the sign of beauty and aesthetics, so I guess I was destined to work in this industry.

So what distinguishes NARS from other brands?
Being timeless and luxurious. Also, NARS does not stand out with its products focused on a single area of ​​the face. For example, one brand may focus more on eye make-up, another on skin make-up, but NARS focuses on skin, eyes, lips and cheeks. In other words, you can find very assertive, high quality, wonderful products for every part of the face. Additionally, François Nars, the founder and owner of NARS, personally takes care of every product developed; I think this makes a big difference.

Which products are NARS most ambitious for this season?
Afterglow Liquid Blush; It contains hyaluronic acid, so it also cares for your skin. It makes your skin shine in a healthy way. Our second product is Cream Bronzer, that is, a cream bronzer; It is extremely easy to apply and looks very natural on your skin. Another one is our Eye Brightener. A product between a concealer and a highlighter; It always covers and polishes. Also, our Tinted Lip Balms are very popular this season. You can easily carry it in your bag and apply it without needing a mirror.

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