Tips to become a strong family

Laughing together, spending time together, listening to each other and staying together even in difficult phases of life; These are the things that create happiness in the family. Especially during childhood, the bond within the family is decisive for the development of the little ones. Family harmony is also formative for parental well-being. Child Developmentist Günseli Arı wrote tips on being a strong family

Stay together even in difficult times
Family harmony is especially important in difficult and unusual times. The most important thing is to have fun. Because laughing together drives away all worries and brings lightness to daily family life. You can use the time to get to know each other better. It is always important to spend time together, recognize and respect the freedom of each family member. In this way, your sensitivity and empathy for each other will improve. Together, you can give each other strength and support to hope for better days and make future plans.

Support in daily life
In daily family life, there are many tasks that need to be done but are not that fun. Together, unload the dishwasher, tidy up, take out the trash, or hang out the laundry. If everyone helps each other and each family member has fixed tasks; This not only ensures safety but also strengthens family harmony. If necessary, you can also form teams so that no one has to do the work alone.

Depending on their age, children may take on some tasks around the house. Young children, in particular, are often happy when they can help their parents. Age-appropriate tasks such as setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, and helping with gardening make children very proud and give them the feeling that they are making an important contribution.

make time for each other
It is important that you consciously make time for each other. Because time spent together is the basis of good family harmony.

By the way, time spent together doesn’t just mean going on special trips together. Completing already pending tasks together will allow you to spend more time together in daily life. You can cook together, do gardening and weekly cleaning together. You can also order pizza as a reward or play fun outdoor games together in the garden.

Even when you eat together every day, you can make time for each other at the table as a ritual, listen to each other, and in this way, you can keep each other informed about what is on your mind and what you experience daily. Making time for each other also means staying in touch.

Pay attention to everyone’s needs
It is important to pay attention to everyone’s needs so that everyone in the family feels comfortable. In a family, there are not only different roles and duties, but also different desires.

However, respecting everyone’s needs also means parents can take a break when things get too stressful. Especially since child care is now left to one person in many families…

Create family rituals
When individual family rituals come together, they create positive moments. Maybe you can revive some rituals you remember from your childhood. Or you can ask your children about rituals they would be happy to participate in. This way, you can develop your own individual family ritual.

You can embed family rituals into daily life. You can create certain evening rituals, such as having breakfast together on Sunday or organizing regular game nights on the weekend.


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