Suggestions for conscious use of the trendy cooking appliance airfryer

As with every electrical appliance, there are some methods to make the airfryer work better. For these methods, it is first necessary to know how the tool works. Assoc. Prof. said that healthier results are obtained from the airfryer because much less oil is used compared to the traditional frying method. Dr. Kaan Yılancıoğlu; He made suggestions to use the ‘airfryer’ consciously

Airfryer has recently emerged as a practical kitchen appliance developed as an alternative to traditional frying methods. This trendy kitchen appliance stands out with its ability to fry in a healthier way, using less oil than the traditional deep-frying method. Assoc. Dr. Kaan Yılancıoğlu evaluated the airfryer cooking technique in terms of health and made suggestions…

Since less oil is used, healthier results are achieved
Airfryer cooks food with air flow, thanks to the hot air technology inside. This method makes the food crispy on the outside and keeps it soft on the inside. Thus, it is possible to obtain the fried flavor. However, since much less oil is used compared to the traditional frying method, healthier results are obtained. It can be used to fry, grill or bake french fries, chicken wings, vegetables, fish and many other foods. In addition, ready-packaged fried products are preferred to cook them in a healthier way with less oil.

Carelessness during use may increase the risk of burns
While the airfryer has some health advantages because it uses less oil than traditional frying methods, it can also have some potential risks depending on how and how often it is used. Since the Airfryer operates at high temperatures, it produces hot air inside. Carelessness during use may increase the risk of burns. It is important to use the device carefully and keep it out of reach of children.

Soaking vegetables in water before cooking can reduce acrylamide formation
A carcinogenic compound called acrylamide may form in some foods cooked with an Airfryer, especially potatoes and grain products. Acrylamide is a natural process formed in high temperature and low humidity environments. Therefore, it is important to regulate frying time and temperature when using an airfryer to reduce acrylamide formation. To prevent this, using the cooking options recommended in the device’s user manual, peeling the skin of vegetables if possible, and soaking starch-containing vegetables such as potatoes in water before cooking can reduce acrylamide formation. Care should be taken to ensure that food does not stick or darken after being cooked at high temperatures for a long time.

Loss of nutritional value can be prevented with conscious use
Cooking at high temperatures and drafts can reduce the value of some foods. Water-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, in particular, may be less effective with this cooking method. Keeping cooking time as short as possible when using an Airfryer and cutting vegetables to maintain their integrity can reduce nutrient loss. If possible, consuming fresh and raw vegetables is both beneficial for health and prevents the formation of carcinogenic contents such as acrylamide.


Zero oil consumption will bring harm, not benefit.
The main purpose of the Airfryer is to use less oil than traditional frying methods. Some people eliminate the use of fat altogether with the idea of ​​being healthy, and this can negatively affect the flavor and texture quality of foods. Not getting some fats needed for the body can also lead to health problems. Our body needs essential oils such as Omega 3. Zero oil consumption will bring harm, not benefit. Consuming fats such as olive oil is healthy for the Mediterranean diet.

Instead of relying on airfryer use, rethink your diet
It is important to create a balanced diet, use a variety of cooking methods, and monitor food carefully when cooking with an airfryer. To achieve healthy results, it is important to review your diet in general and focus on healthy living habits, rather than relying solely on the use of the airfryer. If you have any health conditions, it may be beneficial to consult a professional, especially regarding your diet.


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