See Which Month the Smartest Children Are Born in?

Researchers examined data from more than a million children and ranked their achievements according to the month they were born. The resulting table showed that there were differences in the success of children according to the month they were born.
The month you were born in is often seen as limited to influencing your birthday and zodiac sign.

However, research reveals that the month in which babies say hello to the world may be a determining factor in their intelligence.

In the study conducted by scientists, taking into account the data of more than 1 million students, it was determined in which month the smartest children were born. Surprising results emerged in the study, which took into account the school performance of children between the ages of 6 and 15 in the USA.


Researchers found that the academic performance of children born in September was significantly higher than children born in other months. In addition to being the most successful in middle schools and high schools, these children also achieve the highest degrees in universities.

Unlike successful children, the least successful students are usually born in August. The US National Bureau of Economic Research published a statement regarding this research, which was quite surprising at first.

Pointing out that children in the USA start school at the age of 6 and therefore the research was conducted at the age of 6, the institution pointed out that children born between September and December start school at an older age than children born in the summer months, and suggested that the intelligence level increases due to advancing age. .


A study conducted in parallel with this study revealed that people born in autumn and winter lived significantly longer than those born in spring and summer.

Although children born in August were shown to be the least successful academically, the most talented names in sports were children born in August. It was determined that the most star players in football, basketball and many other fields were born in August.

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