See what sleeping under a fig tree does?

Fig, known for its health benefits, has another aspect that no one knows about. Once you learn the consequences, you will never sleep under a fig tree again. See what it causes…

The fig tree is one of the wonderful blessings that nature offers us, with both its sweet fruit and the milk leaking from its trunk.

Many people prefer to sleep under the fig tree to cool off, especially on hot summer days.

However, you may have heard statements like “He doesn’t sleep under the fig tree”. Well, do you know why?

See what sleeping under the fig tree causes…

If you sleep under the fig tree…

Since ancient times, many cultures have had some beliefs and taboos about the fig tree. Sleeping under the fig tree is one of these taboos.

In some proverbs and folk beliefs, it is stated that sleeping under a fig tree can lead to misfortune.

Interestingly, there is also a belief that the fig tree should not be used as fuel even after it is cut.

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