PUMA gives the password to a ‘dolce vita’ style life with its renewed Palermo model

PUMA’s legendary model Palermo, which emerged in the early 80s, had already become a standout classic from that period. Now, PUMA says ‘Password: Palermo’ as the slogan of the ‘dolce vita’ moments that arise from the happiness of the special times we spare for ourselves and the little things we enjoy doing.

PUMA, the sports brand that offers special lifestyle products inspired by its deep-rooted sports heritage, celebrates the return of its shoe Palermo, which is a legend of the stands and pays homage to the coastal capital of the island of Sicily, with the ‘Password: Palermo’ campaign.

The concept of living life with pleasure, which we know as ‘dolce vita’ in Italian; It forms the basis of the ‘Password: Palermo’ campaign. Each of the names in the campaign interprets their own ‘dolce vita’ moment as they wish. Star football player Fernando Muslera, national volleyball player Gizem Örge, famous actors Recep Usta and Hazar Motan, famous musicians Selin and Ege Can Sal, interior designer/artist Eda Zamanpur, chef Beril Oymak and skateboarder Berke Dikişcioğlu are among these names.

PUMA Palermo, which first appeared in the 1980s and became a part of the stadium culture, now appears as the most striking shoe of the season with its legendary low-top design, soft color options and rubber sole.

You can visit PUMA.com, PUMA stores and select PUMA sales points to examine the PUMA Palermo model.

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