Jacquemus also helps with weddings with his ‘Le Mariage’ collection

French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus brings a different perspective to summer weddings with his new collection called ‘Le Mariage’. The collection brings together traditional and classic in a vibrant wedding scene.

French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus re-imagines summer weddings through his own lens for his eponymous brand, Jacquemus. In his new collection called ‘Le Mariage’, where he captures the spirit of summer weddings, the famous fashion designer brings together traditional and classic in a lively wedding scene, just like in his own wedding.

The campaign prepared for the collection and reflects a wedding party; offering bold, solid colors like vibrant orange-reds for bridesmaids and bright blues, yellows and even dark greens for their guests. Jacquemus’ collection represents contemporary elegance, embracing both the fun and seriousness of the event. Never shying away from drama, accessories like oversized sun hats make a comeback in true Jacquemus style, while sheer materials are tastefully used and paired with comfortable tailored suits. Each piece contains a sense of femininity to bring out the serenity of the occasion and give it the true Jacquemus touch.


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