General Hospital star Robyn Bernard dies

General Hospital star Robyn Bernard passed away in California at the age of 64.

It was announced that Robyn Bernard, the star of General Hospital, which is one of the longest-running TV series in the world and has been broadcast since 1963 and broke records by continuing for 61 seasons, died in California. In the statement made by the Riverside Sheriff, it was announced that 64-year-old Bernard was found in a vacant lot behind a business in San Jacinto. While it was announced that Bernard, who played the character of Terry Brock in the series, had passed away, it was stated that the famous actor was identified through his fingerprints. Authorities announced that an investigation has been launched into Bernard’s death.

It was stated that the autopsy was performed this week, but the results of the toxicology report could come within a few weeks.

Bernard, who appeared in 145 episodes of the series between 1984 and 1990 and played the character of Terry Brock, also took part in many large and small productions.

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