“Love Island” 2023: This is how it will be broadcast on TV and broadcast

“Love Island” will return with its 8th season in 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about broadcasting and live streaming on TV. We also explain this year’s innovations.

The dating program “Love Island”, which first appeared in 2017, will enter a new era in 2023. In season 8, a large number of singles move into the villa again – this time the dating show takes place in Greece again. The islanders stayed in a villa in Tenerife last season.

This year, not only the location of the villa is changing, there are other innovations at the station: Among other things, there will be live shows every Monday. In this article you will learn what they are about and how they are broadcast live on TV or over the internet. We have compiled the details for you.

“Love Island” 2023: Broadcast on TV and streaming

This year, as every year, the broadcast of Love Island in 2023 will be undertaken by private broadcaster RTL2. Programs can be watched either directly from the broadcaster via linear television or in parallel via RTL+. However, if you choose to watch online, you will need to get a paid subscription. The monthly cost is 6.99 euros.

A new episode is released every day from Sunday to Friday, and it always airs at 22:15. The format takes a break on Saturday. But there’s something new this year: Monday episodes will now always be shown two hours earlier, at 8.15pm in prime time. There is a very special reason for this: For the first time in 2023, live shows will be held every Monday for “Love Island” 2023.

“Love Island” 2023: Live shows on schedule

This has never happened before on “Love Island”: There will always be a live show on Monday in 2023, inviting you to join, according to the broadcast dates. Using the “Love Island” application, viewers can actively influence what is happening in the villa and influence the fate of the candidates. This gives viewers the opportunity to participate in decisions. You can follow what this will look like concretely on RTL2 starting from September 11.

This is how the “Love Island” repeat will work in 2023

There is a good alternative for those who do not have time to watch the episodes on those days. Episodes of the 8th season of “Love Island” 2023 can be watched on repeat on RTL+. This is possible for free for up to seven days after the TV broadcast, but after that a paid premium version is required.

These are the new features of Love Island 2023

Dating shows like “Are You The One – Reality Stars in Love” 2023 or “Princess Charming” 2023 are now a dime a dozen on German television. That’s why formats are always finding something new to stand out from the crowd. So “Love Island” has introduced live shows on the one hand, and on the other hand, the format is based on a new and prominent co-host.

In addition to original host Sylvie Meis, Oli P. will lead the live shows and provide new input in 2023.

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