Why did Tattoo Artist Trevor Hintz die?

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the sudden death of tattoo artist Trevor Hintz. On September 13, 2023, Trevor passed away. As we pay tribute to Trevor, we celebrate his life and remember the impact he had on those who knew him. Continue reading more.

Who was Trevor Hintz?

Trevor Hintz was born and raised in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; He spent his formative years in local schools here. He was larger than life, and this trait followed him into adulthood and developed his career as a successful tattoo artist. People traveled from far and wide to get Trevor’s signature, as he was known for his intricate and creative designs.

Despite his brave and outgoing personality, Trevor was always someone who put others first. He was particularly devoted to his daughter Nora, for whom he was a positive role model. Although he had lived on the edge, taken risks and enjoyed a bit of danger, he had always done so with a good heart.

Tattooing wasn’t just a job for Trevor; it was a passion. He loved the art form and the community that surrounded it. Her bold and vibrant creations were a reflection of her personality, and her customers often became her friends. He was deeply committed to his craft, always improving his skills and discovering new techniques. His loss was deeply felt not only by those who knew him personally, but also by the entire tattoo community.

When he wasn’t at the tattoo parlor, Trevor enjoyed spending time with friends, traveling, and playing video games. He had a curious mind and was technologically savvy; He was always interested in his computer or vehicle. His adventurous spirit made him a beloved member of the community and he will be missed by many.

Death of Tattoo Artist Trevor Hintz: What was the cause of death?

The exact cause of Trevor’s death has not yet been determined, but we know his legacy will live on. His vibrant personality and artistic talent will remain with those who knew him, and his memory will continue to inspire new tattoo artists in the future.

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