They put a price on the unborn child… Baby for sale for 100 thousand dollars

It has been noted that parents of newborn or about to be born babies are trying to sell them on the internet and advertisements are being opened for this purpose.

It was stated that a mother put her 55-day-old baby girl in an ad on the website as if she were selling a “car” for 100 thousand dollars and bargained for the price. In the explanation note for the baby who had no ID, no birth certificate and was born out of wedlock, “I have debts. I spent a lot of money during pregnancy and birth. I couldn’t tell my troubles and the baby to my family. My only condition is 100 thousand dollars. “I can bring the baby wherever you want,” he said, citing financial difficulties as the reason for selling. The family also shared the photo of the baby. A mother wrote that she had a 40-day-old baby and would give her baby to someone she trusted for a fee. He also noted that he will determine the fee after a face-to-face meeting and trust.


A 23-year-old mother in Bari sold her baby girl, who is 30 days away from birth, online for 110 thousand dollars. The woman, who also shared the doctor’s checks and ultrasound photos of the baby in the ad, said, “I want to give away my baby urgently.” The pregnant woman specifically stated that the buyer should pay the birth expenses. Some families left their phone numbers under the baby advertisements, writing that selling babies for money is unconscionable and that they are ready to adopt the baby free of charge.


We also talked to people who bought babies online and learned how much they paid. While one family in Berlin said that they bought the baby from a university student by paying 45 thousand dollars, another family said that they paid the hospital expenses and gave the baby their ID to the hospital as if they had given birth themselves. Another family admitted that they went to the Southeast two years ago and took a two-month-old baby.

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