The bear that injured 5 people in Slovakia was killed days later.

The bear was seen on the streets of a town in Slovakia on March 17 and was killed 10 days later.

During this time, the bear injured five people, including a 10-year-old girl.

Minister of Environment Tomas Taraba announced in his post on social media that drone and biometric technology were used to identify the bear and thanked everyone who contributed to the operation.

However, according to opposition politicians, a different bear was killed. Politicians called on Environment Minister Taraba to clarify what happened.

Some members of Slovakia’s government argued that the incident proved the need to relax the European Union’s environmental protection measures on wildlife, which prevent the hunting of animals such as bears and wolves.

Researchers state that there are more than 1,200 bears in Slovakia.

A woman was found dead after being chased by a bear while walking with her boyfriend in Slovakia. Authorities stated that the woman may have died by falling, as well as being killed by the bear.

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