‘Private cabin’ setting for trains in Germany

Frosted glass “kissing booths” are coming to trains in Germany. The new design also includes scent buttons and digital placeholders for the seats…

German train operator Deutsche Bahn has announced that it plans to introduce “hug” cabins with frosted glass to passengers. The proposed project for Deutsche Bahn’s Intercity Express (ICE) high-speed trains was introduced in Berlin.

Passengers will be able to frost the windows of the 2m x 70 cm two-person cabin by pressing the button. Deutsche Bahn stated that the design means it can transform “the train seat into a personal space with greater privacy”.

The special seats are also designed for video calling on the go, while German newspaper Bild described them as “kissing booths” and created a poll for readers to choose the name. “Cuddle compartment” and “cuddle room” were at the top of the list.

Deutsche Bahn board member Michael Peterson said in an interview with Bild:

“These allow for private, confidential conversations in a protected environment. Anyone sitting in ICE’s two-passenger compartment model can already get an idea of ​​what train travel will soon feel like.”

Design plans also include a digital screen for passengers who have not made a seat reservation. This way, passengers will be able to mark their seats as occupied when they leave to visit a private cabin, restroom or restaurant. A scent button for door entrances and station elevators to offer calming scents to passengers is also among the projects…

It has not yet been announced when the railway operator will be able to implement these changes.

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