Look what this hole in the nail clippers does.

The purpose of making the holes in the nail clippers attracted attention. Many people wonder what these holes are for. Here is the purpose of using these holes…

Nail clippers are a tool designed to cut or shape nails, usually used in nail care.

Have you ever thought about the purpose of the hole in the nail clippers that we frequently use in daily life?

That hole, which everyone thinks is for decoration, actually has a purpose.

Look what this hole in the nail clippers is for…

This hole, located at the back of the nail clipper, holds the components of the nail clipper together and ensures that its mechanism works properly.

Also, on most nail clippers this hole is a spot for attaching a small chain.

This chain can be used to prevent our fingers from slipping during nail cutting and to grip the nail clippers more firmly.

It is also possible to hang the nail clippers somewhere by attaching a chain to this hole to avoid losing them.

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