It was displayed in the truck bed! He was found decapitated!

It was announced that Shani Louk, whose motionless body was seen in the truck bed after Hamas’s attack on the music festival where Israelis were present, died. Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Louk’s head was found cut off.

A statement has been made regarding the fate of Shani Louk, an Israeli citizen of German origin, who became one of the symbols of the event after Hamas’s attack on the music festival on October 7. The death of Shani Louk, who was paraded in the truck bed by Hamas members, has been definitively announced by his family. Israeli authorities also confirmed the death of the 23-year-old woman.


His family had previously announced that they had received information that Shani Louk was alive but was seriously injured and was being treated in a hospital in Gaza. However, there is no definitive information about when and how Louk died.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog, in his post on social media platform .” said. Herzog said nearly 40 bodies could not be identified.

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