How did Ranj Rekhi die?

The radio and music world mourns the sudden demise of Ranj Rekhi, the famous host of Sunrise Radio, Buzz Asia Radio and Lyca Radio. The death of Rekhi, known for his love for music, made his fans very sad.

Who was Ranj Rekhi?

Born and raised in South London, Ranj Rekhi was a figure known for his creativity and passion. He has spent much of his life exploring various artistic avenues including radio, television, stand-up comedy and music. Known as the Punjabi Rap Rhyme Writer and Radio/TV Presenter, Rekhi was a creative thinker who often referred to himself as “Jack of all trades, master of none”. His talents extended to managing community branches with over 20 years of service experience.

What actually happened?

The news of Ranj Rekhi’s demise was shared through social media posts, leaving fans and colleagues shocked and saddened. He was an integral part of many radio stations including Sunrise Radio, Buzz Asia Radio and Lyca Radio. His sudden departure undoubtedly left a profound impact on these communities.

The exact circumstances surrounding Ranj Rekhi’s death are currently unknown. News of his death was announced via social media, but no further details about the cause of death were made public. Investigations are likely ongoing to determine the cause of this tragic incident.

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