He tried to get a loan by bringing his dead uncle to the bank! Authorities noticed and rushed to the police

A woman in Brazil tried to get a loan by bringing her deceased uncle to the bank. While bank officials noticed the situation and informed the police, the images of those moments had a wide impact in the world public opinion.
While the images recorded with a mobile phone in a bank in Brazil quickly became a trending topic on social media, most of the users stated that they had neither heard nor seen such an event before.


A young woman brought her deceased uncle to the bank and tried to get a loan. Realizing that the man in the wheelchair was dead, the authorities immediately informed the police.


While the woman, who reacted harshly to the bank officials, was caught in a short time, the images recorded on her mobile phone show that the woman who tried to deceive the bankers made a lot of effort to give the impression that she was alive to her uncle.

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