Sanction imposed on Russian citizen in Australia for stealing data from health insurance company

A Russian citizen, who was held responsible for stealing data from the country’s largest health insurance company in Australia, was placed on the sanctions list. According to ABC broadcaster, the Australian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that a Russian citizen named “Aleksandr Ermakov” was responsible for the theft of data covering 9.7 million people of … Devamını oku

Think Twice Before Eating Leeks

Leek, a member of the onion family, contains many compounds beneficial to health. Flavonoids are the most important of these. It has been determined that it helps reduce damage to blood vessels with the camperol it contains. The high amount of folate it contains also helps protect heart health. It has an anti-aging effect with … Devamını oku

Alice Munro’s cause of death has been revealed!

Alice Munro, who is often compared to the Russian writer Anton Chekhov due to the style of her stories, has produced beloved masterpieces with her short stories focusing on life in rural Canada for more than 60 years. Munro died Monday night at his home in Port Hope, Ontario, his family and publicist confirmed. “Alice … Devamını oku

Be careful: What happens if women use Viagra?

What happens if women use Viagra, which was developed as a solution to men’s erection problems? According to a study, at least four out of every ten women in Western countries have sexual problems. Medical experts believe that Viagra will also solve the problem of reluctance in women. Viagra was successfully tested on women of … Devamını oku

See Which Month the Smartest Children Are Born in?

Researchers examined data from more than a million children and ranked their achievements according to the month they were born. The resulting table showed that there were differences in the success of children according to the month they were born. The month you were born in is often seen as limited to influencing your birthday … Devamını oku

Blood-chilling incident in the USA! He raped the woman between the cars after strangling her with a belt.

In New York, USA, a masked man approached a woman from behind on the street, strangled her with a belt, knocked her unconscious, and then took her between the cars and raped her. The images captured on the security camera showed the moments when the man dragged the woman, whom she had knocked unconscious, with … Devamını oku

How to behave on a first date?

We are all looking for the right person. The first meeting is the first step of a long and beautiful relationship, but each of us has different expectations. So how should we behave? OkCupid, which has millions of members worldwide, reveals how men and women behave on the first date with four questions it asks … Devamını oku

8 important disease signals in nails

Our nails are important structures that support the fingertips and enable touch and transportation, and they are also at the center of our lives cosmetically. Our nails, which are one of the most important indicators of being well-groomed, can also be a sign of many serious diseases. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Şenay Ağırgöl explained some of … Devamını oku

Are in vitro fertilization children healthy?

In vitro fertilization treatment is an important treatment method for couples who have infertility problems and want to have children. However, some couples may have some concerns about whether their in vitro fertilization child is healthy or not. It is possible to say that in vitro fertilization children are as healthy as children born as … Devamını oku

6 tips to lose weight from fat (tip6)

6. Eat good carbs Body fat ratio increases with wrong carbohydrate consumption. Consuming too much sugar, sugary drinks, foods such as cakes, muffins and biscuits that pass into the blood quickly and increase insulin secretion rapidly, consuming more calories than consumed and a sedentary life; It increases the fat rate in the body. It is … Devamını oku

6 tips to lose weight from fat (tip5)

5. Get enough and regular sleep  While insufficient sleep negatively affects the release of growth hormone, this can disrupt protein synthesis and therefore muscle structure. The body needs 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Insufficient sleep can cause an increase in cortisol levels. In scientific studies; High cortisol levels have been associated with obesity, insulin … Devamını oku

6 tips to lose weight from fat (tip4)

4. Include these foods on your table There is no miracle food or drink to lose weight, but some foods can help you lose weight. Compounds such as catechins and caffeine in green tea, capsaicin in hot peppers, and bromelin in pineapple increase the metabolic rate. Cinnamon, with its chromium content, helps increase insulin effectiveness … Devamını oku

6 tips to lose weight from fat (tip3)

3. Exercise regularly The diet followed during the weight loss process must be supported by exercise. While regular exercise helps lose weight mostly from fat, it has positive effects on insulin sensitivity and metabolism. Cardio exercises are recommended for fat burning, while appropriate weight or resistance exercises are also important to increase muscle mass. Care … Devamını oku

6 tips to lose weight from fat (tip2)

2. Be sure to drink 10 glasses of water a day Water, which is the most basic need of our body, is not consumed enough, especially in winter months, and beverages such as coffee and tea cannot replace water. When water, which has important functions such as regular functioning of metabolism, electrolyte balance, removal of … Devamını oku

6 tips to lose weight from fat

It happens very often to those who try to get rid of their excess weight; Lose muscle, not fat! Because if calorie-restricted diets to lose weight do not contain enough protein, the reduced energy is met by the muscles, which leads to muscle loss. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Fatma Turanlı explained 6 tips for losing … Devamını oku

Weekly horoscopes (May 6 – May 12)

ARIES AND RISING ARIES You may be more emotionally balanced and mentally sharper this week. With the influence of the New Moon, you may find opportunities in financial matters. In addition to new doors of income, your appetite may increase. You can focus on topics that can contribute to your personal development by increasing your … Devamını oku

How do you know if a phone call is a scam?

In today’s technology world, not only institutions but also individuals are frequently exposed to cyber attacks and frauds. Thanks to advanced technologies, fraudsters can develop different tactics to deceive innocent people by using more effective methods. In particular, the increases in phone fraud, which is considered one of the most common crimes faced by modern … Devamını oku